The 10 best symphonies of all time

Bach Goldberg Variations1.Johann Sebastian Bach- The Goldberg Variations

This work is considered to be the most important part of the variation on the theme, and it was first performed 1741. Goldberg Variations are named after their first performer Johann Gottlieb Goldberg.

2. Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphonie Nr. 9

The Symphony No. 9 aka The Choral is a masterpiece and the most famous work of the repertoire of classical music. It was completed in 1824 and is considered one of the greatest pieces of music ever written. For the first time in the history of this symphony repreBeethovensents an example used to voice. Symphony No. 9 is on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage.

3.Ludwig van Beethoven – Violin sonatas No.5

Violin sonata by Beethoven is a sonata for violin known as the “Spring” Sonata. It is published in 1803. and it is written for Count Moritz von Fries. The entire sonata takes approximately 22 minutes to perform.

4.Frederic ChopinPiano Sonata 2

Piano Sonata No. 2, popularly known as The Funeral March, was completed in France, in 1839.

5. Gustav Mahler : Symphony Nr. 5

MahlerSymphony No. 5 was written in the summer months in 1901 and 1902. This work was created during a battle with a serious illness by Gustav got over in his cabin near the lake in province of Carinthia.

6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – The Piano Concerto No. 20

The Piano Concerto No. 20 was written in 1785. It was first performed in Vienna in February 1785. Soloist who performed a sonata for piano was Mozart.Mozart

7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Great Mass

This work was composed during 1782 and 1783. Mozart wrote this work as a mass, which was conducted when his fiance came to Vienna. The first performance was in Church of St. Peter in Salzburg in October 1783.

8. Sergei Rachmaninoff – The Piano Concerto No. 2

The Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor is a peace made for piano and orchestra. Sergei Rachmaninoff composed this work in period from Autumn 1900 to April 1901. It was first performed in December 1901, a contractor was a composer. This work is one of the most famous works of this composer. It was later included in the permanent repertoire of this composer who was also performed.

9. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky – The Piano Concerto No. 1

The Piano Concerto No. 1 was written in period from November 1874 to February 1875. For the first time this work Tchaikovskywas carried out in the spring of 1879, and then in December 1888. This work was criticized by Tchaikovsky general contractor for the piano. Later these criticisms were withdrawn and the main Tchaikovsky contractor for the piano became a great favorite of his work. This work is considered the most important and most beautiful work for piano and one of the most famous compositions by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

10. Johann Sebastian Bach – Orchestral suites

The four orchestral suites or “ ouvertures ” . It is written in the period between 1724- 1745 year. These are four different suites from 1066-1069 and they are being played as s set.